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Call Of Duty 4 Server Manager - Manage your COD4 Server from the web

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Manage your call of duty server from a web page. You can download and install your own page to manage your game server. Just enter your own connection information.

To see a live page, go to: View it live!. We don't hand out our password for demos, but you can download the code and install your own site for free.

What is this?
COD4 is great! I wanted to simplify some of the management tasks for running a cod server. Now my friends and I can pick levels and set some common options right from a web page without having to remember RCon commands or having to remotely manage the server. I can give my friends the RCon password and they can restart the process, set maps, add bots, and change various options even if I am not there.

This is an open source project. If you like it great. Please drop me a line and let me know. If you hate it, great. It is not finished (see known issues) but it works great. I will post updates from time to time. I work on this in my spare time and I am giving the code away for free, so please no flames, and please don't get upset if I don't have time to drop everything and help you install it. Constructive input is always welcomed. Contact:
Contact Address

To run the software on your site, the following is required:

  • Windows server capable of running ASP.NET 3.5 applications
  • Additional permissions granted to your application to control your cod4 process (only needed to use the stop/restart feature)
  • IIS (Internet Information Services) needs to be installed on the server to host ASP.NET web pages
  • A running COD4 server - this does not adjust your config file, it lets you send pre-formatted commands to a running server.

    Known Issues:
  • Player list is incomplete - UDP packets come in out of order at times
  • Stop/Restart process option only works if additional permissions setup properly in IIS and the cod4 process runs from that box
  • RCon password has to be changed in the settings file - web.config value and rcon password on the server must match

  • Unzip the files to your web location
  • If you want to use the stop/restart process feature, elevate your IIS user access to be able to control processes (set app pool to system user?)
  • Change values in the web.config file for your RCon password
  • Change values in the web.config file for your server directory path - make sure it matches your install location
  • Change values in the web.config file for your program args - enter your IP and Port as well as any args to run your custom mods
  • Visit the web page, once you enter your information, it should work

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